Quail flight birds

Quail flight birds for hunting

Quail flight birds from LM Quail Farms are of the highest quality, which means that our birds are fully exposed to all the natural elements of weather so they will acclimate faster and stronger once released on your property. Because of this acclimation we guarantee a very high survival rate. Our quail are straight run unsexed.

The Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail gets its name from its very distinctive whistle like call. Males often call two and three times a minute and often signifies the beginning of spring.

The Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail flight birds live on the ground, obviously, and hides under low level plants and shrubs during the night. By day, they walk through the fields to feed on small insects, fruits and seeds. They are the hunters dream bird as they leap into flight when startled and feel in danger of a predator. Their range covers the eastern United States and westward as far and Kansas and Nebraska thriving in weedy fields and meadows.

Customer Satisfaction

Due to the high standard of care we take in raising our Quail flight birds the quality is really apparent to anyone that purchases Quail for hunting. This has meant that we get regular return customers that buy from us each year, and some more than once due to their demand.

Quail flight birds

Pricing for flight ready birds

All pricing is per bird and excludes shipping – please contact us for pick up details as we do not ship live birds.

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LM Quail Farms offer:


Sold by Tray, ready to incubate at your facility.


Day old chicks, ready to raise at your facility.


Full grown flight ready quail, ready for your facility.


Dead frozen birds, for pet stores & reptile hobbyist.