Quail chicks

Quail chicks for you to raise

New Quail chicks from LM Quail Farms mature in 16 about weeks and dress between 7-9oz.

If required, Bobwhite Quail can be introduced and kept with other types of quail after arrival, so there are no issues with introducing new birds. We do not ship live birds, please call us for pick up details. Quail are best shipped in warmer weather and are generally available from June through mid September.

Pricing for chicks

All pricing is per chick and excludes shipping – please contact us for pick up details as we do not ship live birds.

  • 50 to 100 – .50 cents each
  • 1000 plus – .45 cents each


Tips for maximum rearing results of quail chicks.

If at all possible don’t give quail city water, as it contains in our opinion, way too much chlorine and fluoride.

Acclimation is the key for maximum success
Upon arrival back at your property, it’s better that these new quail are acclimated to their new environment. With this in mind it’s better to keep the temperature for them at 95-97°F the first week, please remember that this needs to be floor level as heat rises. After about a week you can start reducing the heat by about 5°F per week thereafter.

Our baby quail need finely ground feed. If your starter feed is too coarse, it will cause an issue, grind it down a second time before it is fed to baby quail. This will make it more palatable to the chicks and will give you the very best results.

LM Quail Farms offer:


Sold by Tray, ready to incubate at your facility.


Day old chicks, ready to raise at your facility.


Full grown flight ready quail, ready for your facility.


Dead frozen birds, for pet stores & reptile hobbyist.